Save the Date to join us for the West HartfOrd Pride festival June 25, 2022

West Hartford Pride 2021 was an incredible month-long celebration ending in a festival day filled with joy, storytelling and opportunities to network and connect with family, friends and statewide resources. We are grateful to our committee, our sponsors and our volunteers who helped make the day such a success and were thrilled to be named Best Festival of 2021 by the Hartford Courant!

Awesome new event, bringing pride to my home town! - Michael M.


We are so excited to share our upcoming event schedule with you and please check back soon

Our sponsors help us foster and support ongoing advancements in equity and inclusion

If you organization is seeking to sell goods or services, you’ll want to be a part of Pride 2022.


We are expanding our footprint in 2022 and will be adding all sorts of events throughout the month of June.

June 1, 2022 @ 6PM
Flag Raising
at Unity Green
June 2, 2022 4PM to 9Pm
The Pride Kickoff
at GastroPark
June 9, 2022
at TBD
June 10, 2022
Tell Me Another
at New Park Brewing, 485 New Park Ave, West Hartford
June 15, 2022
Pride Night
at Hartford Athletic
June 17, 2022
Laugh with Pride
at New Park Brewing, 485 New Park Ave, West Hartford
June 24, 2022
and TBA
June 25, 2022
Out Loud Rally
on Town Hall Steps
June 25, 2022
Pride Festival
in Blue Back Square
Benefits of sponsoring pride

Sponsorship is a key part of Making Pride Happen! Our sponsors help us to not only put on an award winning world-class Pride celebration as well as support community efforts around the region. In addition, you help us to foster and support ongoing advancements in equity and inclusion for all of our LGBTQ+ community, year-round.

For information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please email our Sponsorship Team at

2021 Website Visits
2021 Pride Attendees
2021 Pride Vendors


We can tailor a sponsorship to your needs!
Let's talk!
Name and logo on all marketing materials,
Online and In-person events, Speakership at one online event and one in-person event
Name and logo on marketing materials,
All Online events, Speakership at one online event
PROUD - $1,000

Name and logo on marketing materials

Friends - $500

Our love and gratitude

WEST HARTFORD — Hundreds turned out at Blue Back Square in West Hartford for a Pride celebration, on June 26.

The event, organized by West Hartford Pride, was the culmination of a month-long celebration of the LGBTQ community, which included several other events and exhibitions. The day was kicked off by an address by West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor, who thanked the local organization for its hard work.

By: Steve Smith Hartford Courant

“This is the most important thing in life. We believe in love,” Cantor said. “We need to celebrate our differences and diversity, but most importantly, in our unity, we are stronger, we are healthier, we are happier, because we join together, support each other, and help each other through this very unique and sometimes very challenging journey of life.”

West hartford pride crosswalk

The painting of the Progress Pride Flag “Crosswalk” in Blue Back Square. The West Hartford Art League selected West Hartford artist Brian Colbath to paint the crosswalk on Saturday, June 20, 2020. He was joined by his daughter Gillian as they worked in the heat of summer. The design celebrates Graphic designer Daniel Quasar who added a five-coloured chevron to the LGBT Rainbow Flag to place a greater emphasis on “inclusion and progression”. The Progress Pride Flag adds five arrow-shaped lines to the six-coloured Rainbow Flag, which is widely recognized as the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The black and brown stripes represent marginalized LGBT communities of color, along with the colors pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag. Quasar says the black and brown stripes represent those living with AIDS, and those no longer living. The transgender flag, designed by Monica Helms in 1999, consists of one horizontal white stripe, surrounded by two horizontal pink stripes and two light blue stripes. Quasar has reshaped the form of this flag into a chevron in his updated design. He says the main section of the flag incorporates the six-stripe flag so as to not take away from the initial meaning, while the additional elements form an arrow shape that points to the right, to represent “forward movement”. They are placed along the left edge of the flag to state that “progress still needs to be made.”

Is Our 2022 "Be Kind" Donation Goal
Raised: $760

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